‍‍‍mesensei ‍‍‍for Lifelong learning

Mesensei promotes mentorship in support of entrepreneurship, life-long learning & social inclusions. Mesensei offers tools and services for business accelerators, educational institutions and charities.

Mesensei offices and servers are hosted in Helsinki Finland in compliancy with EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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With Mesensei app you can connect with the mentors directly and confidentially. The app is free & no registration is needed. Now‍‍‍ available for Android and iPhone.

Mesensei Ltd, Ensi linja 1 , 00530 Helsinki, Finland

[email protected]  |  +358 45 787 49827

VAT ID: FI27838022

One discussion with the right person may change your life! Download Mesensei for free to connect with mentors in support of lifelong learning, entrepreneurship, innovation & social inclusion.