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Stockholm Sweden

11 Teams

TETRA & LTE Hybrid

TOP 3 Winner

Airbus Critical App Challenge

Secure Land Communications

Mesensei was selected among the top 3 finalists in a competition to invent new smartphone applications for public safety users, such as police and rescue personnel.

In 2019 Airbus hosted Critical App Challenge to create mission & business critical apps for the Tactilon Dabat, an Android smartphone with Tetra radio (e.g VIRVE, RAKEL, BOSNET) in one device.

Dabat aims to become the first platform in security and industrial solutions e.g rescue services, police officers and firefighters.

Mesensei team was keen to take on the challenge to design mobile solutions, which help emergency workers to work more effectively and save lives.

Our angle was to think how professional responders can benefit from cross-organisational resourcing, and by training, mobilising & empowering volunteers to support them.

Service Design

Mission and business critical apps

Our team added support for Dabat so that Mesensei decentralised platform can now be used to build critical apps for the Dabat ecosystem. Mesensei community design team also created three concepts with ready for deployment mobile app to be used in cases where data protection, operational security and highly effective user experience for field workers are critical factors:

  • Cross-institutional consultancy in medical emergencies

  • Reservist and volunteer network coordination in disasters and increased readiness

  • Rescue, Relief & Recovery platform for resource pooling and kickstarting a local economy

Security Meets Design

Decentralised App Platform for Dabat

Come & check out our critical apps and the super cool Tactilon Dabat at Airbus stand in Stockholm Rakeldagen 2019 and Helsinki Slush 2019

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“It really helped to work on our community building with experts who have a solid methodology”

Dr. Katia Smith-Litiere, Entrepreneurship and Industrial engagement project manager, University of Cambridge

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Co-Founder & CEO

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Claudia Treuthardt

Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer

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