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Open Innovation- Facilitating complex ecosystems

Open innovation is about finding  solutions to challenges beyond tightly controlled organisation boundaries and management structures. It means systematic exploration of a wide range of internal and external sources with the intention to identify & incentivise relevant  audiences to become stakeholders in the problem solving process.

Quote Cirecle 2

Competition can be hard…

...collaboration can be even harder

— Tuukka Ylälahti, CEO of Mesensei

Open innovation can be an highly effective way to mobilise superior resources for problem solving to exceed the competencies of even the best resourced organisations.

Open Innovation can be approached as a tactical activity for marketing, recruitment, inspiration even entertainment purposes. The gains are immediate.

It can also be approached strategically with the intention of systematically build up assets and competencies. The gains are mid & long term.

Beyond the hype & Getting it right

Make a Map

Ecosystems are complex networks. Each participant sees them differently. For effective facilitation you need a map for orientation and communication. It also helps you to identify gaps and conflicting interests.

The value the ecosystem delivers for each participant is critical for getting them engaged turning them into active participants & contributors. Pay attention to fair balance of Give-Gain value exchanges for each participant.

Look at the incentives

Measure, adapt and improve

Determine what success looks like, build up a KPI set and measure actively if the ecosystem delivers value for the participants. If something isn’t working, find out why, make improvements and keep up the momentum.


Data Driven Incubation-Method to Reduce Guesswork

Nurture valuable assets

Ecosystem participants are not equal in the value they bring and their value grows over the time. Make sure you understand who are shining stars and the hidden gems. Consider the impact for your ecosystem if they would do more —or drop out.


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