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Engaging Parents With a Digital Daycare Diary

Mobile application for everyday communication between the teachers and the parents for the day care homes in Municipality of Pyhtää.

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Daycare Goes Mobile!

Parent engagement in child care centers benefits children, teachers and parents themselves. Being in sync with what goes on in the daily routines of their children, the parents can establish a connection between what is learned at the day care center and what takes place at home.


Municipality of Pyhtää is one of the oldest municipalities in Finland. It is known for being an active, forward looking community with safe and comfortable living conditions.


Pyhtää and Mesensei were ideal co-creation partners to design a mobile application for the day care centers, which improves the communication between the teachers and the parents as well as between the parents.

Digital Daycare Diary

Teachers are used to taking photos and writing short stories about what goes on in the day care. With the mobile application the teachers can now easily make posts about highlights during the week, and also send private picture messages to the parents about their kids during the day. For the parents the mobile app makes it easy to keep updated and receive delightful pictures of their kids at play during their workday.

Schedules, sign-ups, absentees and change of plans

A lot goes on in a daycare. There are trips, adventures and special activities. It is sometimes hard for the parents to remember which day they needed to pack the ice skates or a small snack. There are also parental evenings, festivities, and parent committee meetings to be organised. With the app, all the information is easy to find and signing up to events can be made with a single click. The app also makes it easy for the parents to inform if their kids are going to be absent, and receive last minute notifications if there are changes to the activities due to weather.

Social Engagement

In Pyhtää social networks are important and it is not only the parents who are active in the lives of the children. With the app, also other significant people, such as grandparents, get a chance to participate and communicate with the daycare center more flexibly. The app also helps the parents to contact each other to find play friends for the kids, exchange clothing and items, and organise parental committee meetings.

Quote Cirecle 2

“The Poiju app is super handy for everyday communication between our teachers and parents - and the parents find it very easy to use. We are so proud that the application looks and feels our own and we have been involved in its development from day one.”

Mari Peltola, Early Childhood Education Manager, Pyhtää

Quote Cirecle 2

“Working with Mesensei was smooth and inspiring. As a customer, you at all times felt like the company representatives were giving and doing their very best and more for you. Also the needs of our target group were well mapped out and considered. We have been impressed with both the working process and the end result. Likewise our customers have given good feedback about the website and the App."

Saija Ohtonen-Jones, ‎Executive Director,  
Imetyksen tuki ry

The “Rinnalla” app can be downloaded from the AppStore and Play Store and the new site can be found at


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