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dare to learn

Event App

Helsinki Finland

2094 Participants

34 Workshops

Continuous Co-creation

Dare To Learn is an award winning  festival of rethinking learning hosted in Helsinki, Finland. The annual event is co-creative, interactive, solution-oriented, and empowering. It brings together thousands of passionate game-changers, forerunners and learning-lovers.

Dare to Learn mobile app connects the event goers with speakers and other event participants and make the participants of the event visible for each other. Speakers get a tool for communicating with participants; they use the app as a channel for questions and feedback.

A dedicated mobile application for an event increases the value of the participation for the guests before, during and after the event.

Customised Mobile App

More focus on Networking

Among the key benefits for the event administration is improved efficiency in daily operations and communications. With their own digital platform the admins can manage the event calendar effectively and keep track of session bookings easily —especially when making last minute changes and communicating about them.

The application also helps in official event communication with real time push notification which can be highly targeted or general. The platform supports powerful web widgets, which can be used to display event content on other websites.

Use of widgets keeps all event content updated in real time across the different domains, in case there are speaker or schedule changes.

Mesensei and Dare To Learn are strategic co-creation partners. Together we keep developing increasingly powerful new digital capabilities every year based on data driven decision making & visitor feedback.

Improved Efficiency

Evolving Digital Capability

“Last minute changes to the schedule were really easy and fast to make.”

“It’s so handy to have the event calendar in my pocket!”

“This app was one of the key reasons to come to the event, because I wanted to know who the participants are, because I needed to find an investor and I did!”

“Handy to have the schedule and venue map in the app.”

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“It really helped to work on our community building with experts who have a solid methodology”

Dr. Katia Smith-Litiere, Entrepreneurship and Industrial engagement project manager, University of Cambridge

Tuukka Ylälahti

Co-Founder & CEO

+358 400 410315

Claudia Treuthardt

Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer

claudia (a) mesensei.com

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Our experts are experienced community designers and management consultants. We are happy to assist you in building strong and engaged community with an impact.

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