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500+ Students

35 Mentors

KYKY Awarded

tapiola Upper Secondary school

Alumni mentorship network

Tapiola Upper Secondary School is run by City of Espoo, which is one of the leading smart cities in the world. The School has around 500 students and it is among the highest performing schools in Finland. It seeks to lead on the cutting edge of education and provide the best learning experience for its students.

Mesensei partnered up with Tapiola in KYKY co-creation program organised by City of Espoo. Since 2017, Mesensei community design team has been co-creating with the school school staff, students, and alumni a concept for a modern digitally structured mentoring program.

We have developed mentoring software and facilitation models to support high school students’ individual learning paths, student & career counselling, as well as the lifelong learning of the alumni.

Community Design

Modern mentoring program

The concept co-created with Tapiola brings together the current students with the alumni for a cross generational and mutual learning. A digital platform was needed. We identified over ten popular social media services used by the students and the alumni.

However, none was universally adopted as young students preferred emerging social media services over the legacy services popular among the older alumni. 18+ age limitations

by some popular solutions was another restriction, as well as GDPR -compliancy and data protection requirements by City of Espoo.

As a solution, Mesensei developed Tapiola Lukio -mobile app for alumni, which is the first of its kind in Finland: a GDPR compliant safe social media for minors designed exclusively for student-alumni networking & collaboration.

GDPR & Privacy by Design

Safe Social Media for Minors

“This is an important project for us and we want to develop it further and also extend the usage of the app for tutoring.”

Pia Liimatainen, Teacher, History and Civics

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“It really helped to work on our community building with experts who have a solid methodology”

Dr. Katia Smith-Litiere, Entrepreneurship and Industrial engagement project manager, University of Cambridge

Tuukka Ylälahti

Co-Founder & CEO

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Claudia Treuthardt

Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer

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