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Got an idea for a mobile app? Use innovation voucher to fund it!

Business Finland offers EUR 6,000 grant for startups and SMES for developing and commercialising business ideas.

We help you with the funding application. If you get it, we build a prototype and to test it with your end-users. You get the funding and validation of your idea in a neat package.

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Project phases and outcomes


Strategy & Service Design

  • Workshop to crystallise your idea
  • Competitor benchmark
  • Business model
  • Market analysis


Prototype Validation  

  • Prototype creation
  • Validation plan
  • 5-20 validation interviews
  • Value proposition and business model iteration


Go-to-market plan & report

  • Expert evaluation of feasibility
  • Strategy roadmap
  • Investor pitch deck
  • Business Finland Report

Application process made easy!

1. Who is it for?

Innovation voucher can be used by SME that has new product or service idea that has potential in international markets which requires outsourced know-how.

2. Is it hard to apply?

We make it easy for you and help you with applying & reporting

3. How much I need own funding?

None! Innovation Voucher is 100% grant. You don't need to pay it back and it does not dilute your equity.

4. How can I apply for the voucher?

Contact us!  We are here for you. Lets talk through your idea and take it from there!

Who can apply for innovation voucher?

  1. Your company is an SME established in a corporate form (not a sole trader, large enterprise, public or non-profit organization, foundation, association or a company based on the Åland Islands).
  2. You have been a full-time entrepreneur in the company applying for at least three months before applying for the Innovation voucher – or the companyapplying for funding employs at least one full-time employee whose employment relationship has continued for at least three months before applying for the Innovation voucher.
  3. Your company's credit rating (Rating Alfa) according to Suomen Asiakastieto is at least A.
  4. Your company is developing a new product or service idea, and plans for its internationalization are already in place (not further development of an existing product).

Take the next step with us!

Book a meeting or
call us +358 45 787 49827
to introduce your idea

Don't hesitate to contact us, we are entrepreneur friendly.  We at Mesensei are committed to your idea validation and applying for funding for FREE. If you don't get the funding, you don't need to pay any expenses.

The “Rinnalla” app can be downloaded from the AppStore and Play Store and the new site can be found at


community Platform
Brand identity
Service design
GDPR Compliancy
Web dEvelopment



XES Community Platform and GDPR Compliant Membership Registry

Bringing the community together and helping the association to comply with data protection and privacy requirements.



Airbus Critical App Challenge - Secure Land Communications

Mesensei was selected among the top 3 finalists in a competition to invent new smartphone applications for public safety users, such as police and rescue personnel.



Breastfeeding Peer Support App & Brand Renewal for Imetyksen tuki ry

Creating a Support App for Breastfeeding and a More Inclusive Visual Identity for the Finnish Association for Breastfeeding support.



Dare to Learn – More Focus on Networking

Dare to Learn mobile app connects the event goers with speakers and other event participants and make the participants of the event visible for each other.



Alumni mentorship network for Tapiola Upper Secondary School

Mesensei partnered up with Tapiola in KYKY co-creation program organised by City of Espoo. Our community design team has been co-creating with the school school staff, students, and alumni a concept for a modern digitally structured mentoring program.



Giampilieri Community App

Mesensei attended EU LEDGER bootcamp in Sicily. Our team was driven to village of Giampilieri, which was devastated by mudslides in 2009. In the village we learned what happened and we got a challenge to design a concept which can save lives in the future.